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Ezra Lau - Character Artist / Animator /
801-584-9569 / Salt Lake City, UT

[Daz 3D/Morph 3D]  3D Artist, Asset Manager
Salt Lake City, UT (Jan 2016 – Mar 2017)
  Optimized and converted cinematic-quality assets to video game ready state, with a focus on VR
  Instructed and direct fellow artists and developers regarding production and workflow practices
  Managed multiple storefronts and asset pages with all of the necessary files and information

[Sandboxr Inc]  Senior 3D Artist, Designer, Asset Manager
Murray, UT (Apr 2014 – PRESENT)
  Optimized and prepared models, animations, and textures for 3d printing
  Designed significant improvements to website UI and app functionality
  Notable clients: Halo 5, ARK: Survival Evolved,, Smite, Infinity Blade, Primal Carnage, AirMech, Master of Orion, Skyforge, Lionsgate Studios
“His versatility makes him an individual you can rely on for all manner of 3D related art challenges. I find him to be a very intelligent and creative person.”
- Berkley Frei, Art Director

[React! Games]  3D Artist / Animator
Taylorsville, UT (Aug 2013 – Jan 2014)
  Major Titles: Dreamworks Dragons Adventure (Nokia phone), Celebs Run Wild (iPhone)
  Modeling, UV’s and texturing, 3d animation, 2D art and animation
“He was talented, hardworking, and also possessed those clutch unsung skills that an Art Director covets like good communication and teamwork.”
- Jess Ung, Art Director

[Disney Interactive Studios]  Art Outsourcing Intern
Salt Lake City, UT (Jan 2013 – May 2013)
  Major Title: Disney INFINITY (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, Wii-U)
  Managed and directed outsource vendors ensuring consistent, high-quality assets
  Received the Game Maker Award for exceptional initiative and outstanding performance
“He is always eager and quick to start new tasks and see them through to completion. Ezra would be a great addition to any production team!”
- Colby Acree, Outsource Manager

[Sony Online Entertainment]  Art Intern
Denver, CO (June 2010 – Aug 2010)
  Major Title: Magic the Gathering: Tactics (PC)
  Animated cycles for humans, monsters, and various fantasy creatures
  Designed, modeled, and textured in-game props and environment set-pieces
“I enjoyed my time working with Ezra and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for a variety of full time art positions in game development.”
- Roger Chamberlain, Lead Artist/Art Director

[Brigham Young University]  Animation, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Provo, UT (Graduated April 2011, GPA 3.6/4.0)
  Received the four-year, full-tuition BYU Heritage Scholarship for academic excellence

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